You've come to a place where your business gets better.
You change how you think about business and you change your relationship to your business.
Jeff More of Moore Impace
The result is a business that escapes the limits of your personal energy.
There are two starting steps to your journey of escape for you:
Step 1 - recognize your biggest challenge today
Step 2 - shift your thinking so you'll be able to overcome your challenge
Step 1:
To start, consider the following statements and select the ONE that is true 
for you and that you feel strongly about:


My business is too dependent on me, because:

  • I can't take a vacation or, if I can, I usually need to clean up some messes that happened while I was away
  • My business shrinks or doesn't grow without my continuing work
  • There are recurring problems that my employees cannot or will not resolve on their own
  • I feed needed, but also restricted
  • My personal capacity limits (or will soon limit) the growth of my business
  • I'm frustrated with some of my employees
  • I tolerate too much because I don't have a better alternative
  • I'd rather think hard than work hard
  • I want a business that grows beyond my personal limitations
  • I want my business to be an asset

Have you selected one?

If yes, then you're ready to move on to Step 2.

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